Yoga Special Topics

Yoga Special Topics

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Understanding your Core in Yoga with Patricia Videgain 
with Patricia Videgain
Thursdays at 3:30 pm
Zoom &  In-person
Sucking your stomach in and tightening your abdominal muscles is
not the way to develop a strong core.
When you tense up your core muscles, you actually diminish your
strength and hinder function by constricting your ribs, diaphragm,
and the internal organs that lie under your abdominal muscles.
To properly strengthen your core boils down to one goal: ensuring
your skeletal system is stable enough to maintain its integrity as
you do complex, involved movements…while your breathing stays
Your body has to be synchronized and fluid. It’s not about sucking
your belly in, which actually makes it harder to move and breathe.
Your core involves your pelvic floor, your deep abdominal muscles,
transverse abdominis, deep lower back muscles, and diaphragm.
All together with the spine, these components create a container
for your abdominals and organs, and that container likes to move
and breathe, not be sucked in.
The whole goal with strengthening your core is to create a
dynamically stable spine that allows you to move safely and

Yoga for Neck and Shoulders 

with Patricia Videgain

Wednesday at 11:00 – 12:15 am

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Many people suffer from chronic tension in the neck and shoulders. This may be experienced as mild to severe pain in the neck and/or shoulders, as mild to severe tension in the jaw (TMJ) and/or head, as mild to severe limitation in the mobility of the head, as mild to severe restriction in the movement of the arms. Yoga can help understand, alleviate, and support healthy movement of the upper region. This can
have profound implications in breathing as well. Open to all levels.

Yoga for Bone Strength     

Tuesday at 3:30 pm with

Alaka Palsole

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Yoga has well-defined sequences that can help you retain and gain bone strength. In this class you will experience a carefully crafted combination of poses that are weight-bearing, and well supported to focus on help to strengthen your bones, increase bone density, and develop a strong skeleton.

Prenatal Yoga & Women’s Health

Teachers: Jane Caulfield   TBA

Pregnancy is a unique phase in a woman’s life. By integrating the practice of yoga
during your childbearing months you will develop a closer connection to yourself
and to your baby. Yoga will help you maintain your strength, develop stamina, and
create a reservoir of energy and calmness for your daily life.


Explore & Restore

Enjoy a yoga class designed to completely relax your body and mind in order to create a sense of calm and ease.

Completely supported by a variety of yoga props, these gentle poses will help strengthen your immune system by reducing both physical and mental stress.