Yoga Teacher Preparation Course


Studio Yoga Madison offers a 3-part teacher education program. This program is directed and taught by Theresa Rowland, an Intermediate Junior III Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor with over 40 years of teaching experience.

Our teacher education program is officially recognized by the Iyengar Yoga National Association of the United States (IYNAUS) and Theresa Rowland is an assessor for the National Board for Iyengar Yoga Teacher Education.  This program is unique in terms of the depth and scope of the Studio Yoga Madison Teacher Education courses.  It is the only IYNAUS approved Teacher Education Program in New Jersey.  Students from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Washington DC journey to Studio Yoga Madison for this program.

Your journey will encompass Teacher Seminars, Asana Classes, Pranayama Classes, Anatomy, Philosophy, Meditation, Asana Intensives, a Sanskrit Immersion Weekend, and Classroom Assisting.  In addition to assisting in a regular weekly yoga class, there is also the opportunity to be mentored in the Back Care Clinics.

All of our Teacher Education courses are designed to teach how to be an effective instructor in the methodology of BKS Iyengar.  The study of poses takes you beyond the mere shape of a pose and into the dynamics of a pose, including the mental work inherent to the pose and yoga in general.

The assignments not only enhance your personal practice, but also teach you to ‘think on your feet’ in order to meet the needs of the students in your classes.  You will learn not only to be a yoga teacher, but to be a leader of yoga practitioners.

An attractive aspect of the courses is that they are taught in apprenticeship style. Although we all meet for class, there is no formal start or end dates for the courses.  You begin when you are ready and take leaves of absence when necessary, so long as you eventually attend the requisite number of classes in order to cover all of the course material.



Students enter the program through the 18-month Teacher Preparation Course.  This course satisfies the requirements for the 200-hr. Yoga Alliance Registry.  Graduating students receive a Studio Yoga Madison Teacher Preparation Course certificate. (See course description below.)

Upon graduation from Teacher Prep, a student is eligible to join the 3-year Teacher Workshop Course.  This course more than satisfies the requirements for the 500-hr. Yoga Alliance Registry.  Graduates receive a Studio Yoga Madison Teacher Workshop Certificate. (See course description below.)

The third step in your learning process is to prepare for the National Iyengar Certification exam.  Many students begin this process while still in the Teacher Workshop Course.  There are two levels of seminars in preparation for the ascending levels of certification.  Typically 2 years, the first course prepares you to take the Introductory level exam.  The second course prepares you to take the Junior I, II, and III level exams.  Each level requires 1-2 years of study.

Students may be approved to attend the exam preparation classes even if they have not taken the Studio Yoga Madison Teacher Prep and Teacher Workshop courses.

For the future we are developing a Yoga Immersion course that will be open to all students.  There is a desire to learn more about yoga, but not necessarily become a teacher.  This course will satisfy that need, covering yoga history, philosophy, anatomy, and asana.



Our graduation ceremonies take place at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam in the Poconos (Pennsylvania) at the end of our bi-annual retreats.  Although our Teacher Education courses are non-denominational, we take a weekend to enjoy the full Indian experience, culminating with a Ganesh puja that is very moving for the graduates.


The Studio Yoga Madison Teacher Preparation Course is designed to give students a deeper understanding of yoga as well as develop the skills needed to teach a yogasana class.

Each Teacher Prep seminar will center on asana for beginner and experienced beginner students. Each month, 3 poses will be assigned to study and practice.  Each student performs the poses and receives feedback.  Principles of yoga and principles of yoga teaching, as well as other aspects of teaching and practicing will be covered.


Each Teacher Workshop seminar will focus on asana for continuing students.  The students regularly teach their peers in the class and gain valuable feedback.  There is an emphasis on deepening and refining poses, correcting mistakes, sequencing, linking poses, and how to integrate students with mental and/or physical issues.


Graduation Ceremony Nov 2016



Asana Classes

Participants have many opportunities at Studio Yoga Madison to deepen their asana practice and knowledge; with more than 50 classes a week it is easy to accommodate weekly yoga asana classes into busy schedules.

Pranayama Classes

Pranayama, the art of breathing, is the fourth limb in Patanjali’s Astanga Yoga.  Participants will have the opportunity to take monthly classes with Jay Stewart as well as with guest Senior Iyengar Yoga Instructors.


To gain a greater understanding of asana and the body, various anatomy programs will be offered.  Currently, Patricia Videgain is teaching a 9-week series on anatomy with an emphasis on Experiential Anatomy as developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.


Yoga as we know it today is a compilation of thousands of years of knowledge from Indian philosophy.  To gain a better understanding of yoga, participants will learn more about classic yogic texts such as the Bhagavad-Gita, and the Yoga Sutra-s of Patanjali.  We also offer classes in Sanskrit pronunciation and chanting, as well as memorization of the Yoga Sutra-s.


Meditation helps brings quietness to the mind and teaches the individual to look within.  Participants will be able to explore different types of meditation such as Buddhist meditation and Mindfulness meditation.

Asana Intensives

Participants will have the opportunity to take workshops with Senior Iyengar Yoga Instructors such as Lois Steinberg, Gabriella Giubilaro, Kofi Busia, H.S. Arun, Stephanie Quirk and Roger Cole. These instructors bring the knowledge and experience of many decades of practice.  Many are authors of books on yoga practice and have studied for many years with the Iyengar family.


Contact the Studio Yoga Madison office at 973-966-5311, Jane Caulfield will be your guide for applying to our Yoga Teacher Education program.