What People Are Saying

Andrew M

I have had the pleasure of taking classes at Studio Yoga for a year or so, now. I wanted to wait to give a review until I’d tried many classes with many teachers. In my opinion, a yoga studio is only as strong as it’s teachers. Studio Yoga has done a fantastic job putting together a collection of amazing teachers.

In addition to yoga, the studio also offers a variety of other classes. The online scheduling system is super easy to use. All of the instructors are extremely approachable and helpful. As someone who was brand new to yoga, they made me feel very comfortable in the studio, as well as in the classes.

I have been fortunate enough to have taken classes with:
-Valerie, who is one of the teachers who teaches us newbies all the very basics of yoga. This class helped me get comfortable with yoga
-Jane, who teaches a wide variety of classes, spann difficulties. She has helped me for free when a class was cancelled and I showed up without checking the website.
-Sandy – I’ve been taking classes with Sandy regularly for the last 3 or 4 months, as her class works perfectly with our (my fiancee and my) schedule. I am almost hesitant to name the class, because I don’t want it to sell out! (It’s her Tier 1 class)
-Joni – I was fortunate enough to have Joni as a substitute once, and once was enough to know that she is an expert at her craft. The only reason I don’t take Joni’s classes is because they don’t work with my schedule. But I wanted to be sure to mention her because she was outstanding.

Linda C
Love this Studio and the teachers. Have been coming here for many years. The Iyengar style yoga is taught with lots of instructions so you really understand the poses and you gain excellent body awareness along the way.

Lisa M

Studio Yoga has become such a positive influence in my life. Thank you to everyone, staff, teachers, and lastly, Theresa. You are all included in my daily gratitudes. Fondly.

Debra R

I am very grateful and appreciative for all the Studio Yoga has to offer. Yoga has become a very important part of my life. I really admire the incredible organization that Theresa has built. She is such an inspiration in so many ways!

Tena W

I have scoliosis and have had back pain all of my adult life. As I got older I had more difficulty with my back and the twist in my back.  I had become resigned to having a fragile back with frequent back pain, not mention uneven hips.  I have been participating in the Back Care Clinic since October 2011.  I noticed a change in my back almost immediately, my hips continue to get straighter and I rarely experience any back pain.  But the most exciting thing that has happened to me since I started the back pain clinic is that now I can wear a straight skirt!  I always avoided wearing short skirts because the bottom of the skirt always hitched up on one side.  But now when I wear a skirt, the bottom hem is even, no hitching on one side!  In my 64 years, I never thought it would be possible for me to wear a straight skirt.  And I owe it all to the wonderful people at Studio Yoga and their Back Care Clinic!

Vicky S

Love, love, love this studio! Theresa is a wonderful teacher with an immense knowledge of yoga. The studios are beautiful. By the way, the shop “Tools for Yoga” has the best props.



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