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Virtual- Ropes at Home –

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Whatever your ropes setup may be! with Tristan Boyer Binns

Saturday, May 8, 2021
From: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
$35 ($30 for SY Memb)
There will be notes and a recording (for 10 days) so you can remember and repeat what we do. We will also have time for questions.
Do you want to learn how to work creatively and safely with your ropes at home?
Since Covid, it’s been challenging to keep up a ropes practice at home. If you have a permanent rope wall, it is easier, but still can be challenging to find inspiration. For many of us who don’t have ropes walls or permanent ropes attachments at home, it is much harder. However, the over-the-door ropes attachments, and a sturdy door handle to create a low rope attachment, are all you need to use your ropes as a satisfying and helpful part of your yoga practice. Join Tristan Boyer Binns for this 2-hour workshop, designed to work for those of you who have over-the-door ropes as well as those who have permanent ropes walls. We will work through different families of asanas in a sequence you can repeat, or you can use individual ideas and poses as part of your regular practice.
Tristan Boyer Binns heads the Boston Yoga Ropes Collective, and wrote the book Yoga Kurunta: Learning the Ropes ( She has been teaching on the ropes in the Boston area for the past decade, after qualifying as a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher in London. From the first time Tristan used ropes to help with inversions when pregnant with her first child in 1999, she was hooked on the practice. During Covid, Tristan has taught ropes workshops online, helping to stay engaged with the practice.
You may purchase her book at