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Susan Lalji

Susan began practicing Yoga in 1995 and has been teaching since 1998. She received her 500-hour Teacher Certification from Theresa Rowland and Studio Yoga in 2001. While in Teacher Training, Susan attended a lecture given by Swami Tadatmananda Saraswati and was introduced to rawn to these teachings, she began attending classes at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam in 1998, where she has been blessed with the opportunity to take many classes in Vedanta, Yoga, Meditation and Jyotish. She spent two years at the Gurukulam as a resident staff member and continues to attend retreats and classes there. Susan has studied with, and been inspired by, many great teachers of Yoga and Vedanta in the U.S. and India. Her teaching is influenced by them and her personal practice and on-going study of Vedanta and the Yoga Sutras. She believes the practice of Yoga and the teachings of Vedanta are great blessings that have completely changed her life. She is currently guiding Studio Yoga’s Advanced Teacher Training class through the Yoga Sutras.
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