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Patricia Videgain, CIYT, C-IAYT

Patricia Videgain has studied Yoga since 1994 and taught since 2002. Her primary teacher is Theresa Rowland, who has guided and supported her path as a yoga teacher. Since graduating from Studio Yoga's teacher training in 2006, she has followed anatomy studies parallel with her studies of Iyengar Yoga. Patricia has been inspired to explore and teach the art of Restorative Yoga by Roger Cole. The work of Arun H.S. to experiment and experience. She is grateful to all the female Iyengar Yoga teachers that has visited Studio Yoga and for their books, specially Mira Mehta, Bobby Clennell, and the monumental work by Lois Steinberg, as much as for Geeta Iyengar's writing on female health and yoga practice. She is grateful to her mentor Amy Hamilton for giving her the guidance to accomplish the combined Intro I & II Assessment this year, and to James Murphy for the clear instruction and inspiration. Kofi Busia is a referent as well, because of his teacher training early on, and the workshops that laid the foundation for hard work and reflective thinking. She is most grateful for the community of fellow Iyengar yoga teachers and all her students that in a way are like teachers, helping to light the pathway of yoga instruction. "The universe of Iyengar Yoga fascinates me and I want to share that with my students, pose by pose, class by class. I believe in Yoga as a tool for transformation and Yoga philosophy informs my practice", she says. One day, Patricia hopes to visit India and study with Mr. Arun in Bangalore and at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune.
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