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Marcy Schafler

Marcy Schafler, owner, Mind Over Movement, Pilates Studio, Madison, NJ and a PMA-Certified Teacher. Her career as a Pilates instructor began at the ripe young age of 45. Pilates training began at Movements Afoot in NYC. She trained with Doris Pasteleur Hall and Lesley Powell. Marcy is faculty for Balanced Body teaching students to become Pilates Instructors as well as a Franklin Method Teacher. She also teaches Anatomy in Three Dimensions. Marcy participated as an instructor in a study led by Urogynecologist, Dr. Patrick Culligan, on the rehabilitation and support of the pelvic floor. Marcy is a cancer surthriver (her own coinage). Pilates had a huge an impact on her ability to come through the challenges of surgery, radiation and rehab. Continuing education is such an important part of our growth and often gets overlooked when we are teaching for awhile. Marcy is always looking to enhance movements of her clients and to improve the quality of their lives: Getting in better shape, stronger, improve sports performance (including NFL Jets) or to living pain free. Studio Yoga Welcomes Mind Over Movement New Jersey’s premiere Pilates Studio and a Balanced Body® Education Facility offering Pilates Instructor Training programs. Through Pilates, we celebrate mindful movement, taking an intelligent, thoughtful, whole-body approach to fitness. Infusing our classes with anatomy education brings our students a more involved awareness of the body and its interconnection with the mind. To register for classes and schedule privates with Mind Over Movement please go to
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