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Liz Pagan, CIYT

Liz Pagan is a a certified Iyengar yoga instructor at the Introductory II Level. Her style of teaching reflects her belief that our intelligence is not limited to our minds but extends into the very cells of our bodies -- and that body awareness is an integral component of self-realization. In the discipline of hatha yoga, we go more and more deeply into ourselves, layer by layer. In fact, Liz has been known to say, “yoga is like an onion.” Yoga not only has many layers like an onion, but sometimes it’s sweet, and sometimes it brings tears. So she approaches her practice, and her teaching, with kindness and humor. Liz began studying yoga in 1990. She credits her commitment to yoga and affinity for the method of Mr. Iyengar to Susan Wilson, with whom she studied for more than a decade. She completed the teacher training program at Studio Yoga in Madison, NJ, with Theresa Rowland. She also studies with Joan White, and has participated in many intensives with senior teachers including Kofi Busia, Gabriella Giubilaro, Lois Steinberg, HS Arun and Roger Cole. She teaches ongoing classes at the South Orange/Maplewood Adult School and in her home town of Bloomfield.
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