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Kati Walker

Kati Walker creates a nurturing environment in her classes with a strong foundation in alignment-based yoga. She is able to modify poses for injuries, illnesses and physical limitations. Her deep understanding of the recovery process and compassion for her students facing health challenges is rooted in her own personal experience and over twenty years of yoga practice. Aside from open classes, she currently teaches yoga to cancer survivors, senior citizens, students with range of motion issues, and adolescent eating disorders. A Certified Yoga Instructor and RYT, Kati has strived to deepen her knowledge of therapeutic yoga. She frequently attends workshops with highly regarded yoga practitioners and has completed certification from: ·         The OM Center to teach yoga to cancer survivors; ·         Elise Browning-Miller to teach yoga to students who have scoliosis. Kati has expanded her studies by recently finishing her third level of Healing Touch and her association with Suren Shrestha allows her to lead Tibetan Singing Bowl meditations.
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