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Janet StraightArrow

Janet StraightArrow is a Shaman, Healer, and Sage, born into a Suburban New Jersey woman’s body. Never quite like anyone else, and yet she tried to live a typical life. Her life has been a trial a minute, and you will always find her smiling as if she knows a precious secret, which she does.Inner wisdom, discernment, and knowledge have led her through the drama and traumas of her very full life. Dedicated to Be The Medicine for herself and to teach others has been a calling since a child. Janet did not believe the hypnotism of the world, church, government, community, and even family. Instead, she trusted her inner knowing and continued to seek the most profound truth and love we can be. At fifteen her family doctor gave her a dire diagnosis, and it woke her up to fully claim her life, health, and spirituality to live what Jesus taught.Her studies took her to experience traditions from around the world to discover all of the missing pieces and how we are all one. This comprehensive training focused on the oneness of all, created a neutral path dismissing fears and limiting beliefs to find the unity, wisdom, and truth, at the core. Her work Be The Medicine has been fully experienced by her and thousands of others who have worked with her and read her writings and practiced her simple, clear, and profound tools and teachings.Her love for life and dedication to fully discovering and sharing that we can all live our highest purpose and potential, no matter our challenges. StraightArrow recognized her soul lineage as a Shaman at the age of forty while she was a top Realtor. Her life up till then her discoveries and continuous studies, and personal healing moved her along the path unsure of where it was all going.From this point on, her journey accelerated as she had ongoing profound awakenings, transformation, initiations and more as she studied with masters and shamans, gurus, lamas, spiritual and healing teachers, doctors and healers. She remembered more and more of who she has always been and what she was here to live and teach and heal in these transformative times.Janet is a cheerleader for all of us sharing love and health and wonder and the magic of all. Be The Medicine is a path of self-mastery and Janet makes it fun. She sees our life’s journey as an adventure instead of work and has translated Universal Laws in ways we can break free from pain and suffering and live the truth that sets us free. She has been guided to be a bridge and support for people waking up from all walks of life and ages to discover and live their true self and heal body, mind, emotions, spirit, and soul.Janet began teaching holistic nutrition in 1981 and continued with teaching meditation, Astrology, Reiki, Shamanism and so much more with groups and sessions since 1994.Janet has several books that will come out soon. She has been writing for twenty-five years and recording her many years of teaching groups in the northeast and middle Atlantic states. She is currently exploring sharing her work online and on zoom. https://www.bethemedicine.com/
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