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Jacky Burns

Completing Teacher Preparation with Theresa Rowland in 2011, Jacky has continued her education through her own practice and by participating in various workshops and training opportunities at Studio Yoga. Such trainings include; assisting in SY Back Care classes, completing a Yoga for Scoliosis practicum approved by Elise Browning Miller, and attending multiple workshops led by Senior Iyengar teachers; Sri HS Arun, Kofi Busia, Gabriella Giubilaro, Lois Steinberg, Bobby Clennel, Stephanie Quirk and others. Jacky integrates her 30 years of professional work in the human service field with this yoga training to accommodate individual learning styles, and create an optimal yoga experience for each student.  “Iyengar Yoga has provided a pathway for my life-long passion and journey, seeking holistic health and well-being, through knowledge, practice and accessing inner wisdom.” I thank Studio Yoga, Theresa, fellow teachers and each student, for providing me a venue to learn and share.
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