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Eric Lang

Eric Lang, NeiJia Studies Personal Lineage 1995-2000: I started my journey in Taiji/TaiChi at the age of 25 while working in NYC at the North East TaiChiChuan Association (now defunct) with Cheng Man-Ching's "Yang Style 37-Posture Form", push hands, qigong, and TamTui. The school was sanctioned by T.T. Liang, disciple of and translator to Prof. Cheng Man-Ching (who was a disciple of the legendary Yang Chengfu). 2005-2014: After a few years of hiatus I relocated to NJ and started training again in Mt.Arlington at Ancient Fighting Arts. My training started with a focus on Yang style Taiji (68-posture) as per grandmaster Hsu Fun Yuen. Grandmaster Hsu was also a disciple of Cheng Man-Ching and contemporary of T.T. Liang, which aligned to my goal of consistent practice. I deepened my studies of qigong & push-hands, added various weapon forms, and eventually expanded into TongBei and Ip Style WingChun. Influences and teachers during this time included Steve Frankel, Hsu Fun Yuen, Yip Pui, and Dr. Jwing-Ming Yang (of YMAA). 2014-present: Most recently I have been training with Gary Carbone focusing on internal kungff styles such as Yang style Taiji 24-posture Beijing Form, BaFanShou, MianZhang, and XingYi. and continue my efforts to deepen feel and knowledge through Yiquan and Baguazhang. I also continue to deepen my train with a contemporary of Gary's, Sensei Bill Roberts, to study Isshun-ryu karate as well as practice Yiquan standing meditation, push-hands, Wudang Taiqi Sword (Jian), and others. Instruction I have either been acting as an assisting instructor at the schools above or instructing privately for friends, family, and a few students at former schools. More recently I've started providing group classes at community centers, schools, etc., in the attempt to carry on Gary's tradition and support the community. Community classes have thus far been in Morristown and Morris Knolls, and can accommodate locations within Morris County.
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