Studio Yoga Founder

Theresa Rowland

THERESA ROWLAND, CIYT, C-IAYT, E-RYT, is the founder of Studio Yoga Madison in 1989 and the Studio Yoga Teacher Education Program. She is pleased and grateful that the studio has continue under the direction of the new owner since January 2017. She will continue to teach 2 weekly asana classes, run the Back Care Clinic, and lead the Teacher Education Program.

A long-time student and assistant of Gabriella Giubilaro and Patricia Walden, she has traveled to India 8 times for extended periods of study at the Iyengar Institute.
Initiated into yoga by her mother, she has been teaching for over 45 years and is certified as an Intermediate Junior III Iyengar Yoga Instructor. She is grateful for the many voices that have guided her through the years; the voices of Gabriella Giubilaro, Kofi Busia, Lois Steinberg, Stephanie Quirk, Patricia Walden, Birjoo Mehta, H.S. Arun, Aadil Palkhivala, John Schumacher, Ramanand Patel, Mary Dunn, Joan White, Victor Van Kooten, Dona Holleman, Arthur Kilmurray, Father Joe Pereira, Judith Lasater, Mira Mehta, Christian & June Pisano, and so many others.
The depth and support and the inspiration of the teachers and students in the yoga community make her life as a yogini fulfilling.

Theresa’s Out-of-Town Workshops


Drishti Yoga Home Studio, Wading River NY – contact Christine Corsa (631) 838-6209


Body & Soul, Huntington Village NY – contact Jeff Logan or

(631) 385-4664


         Fine Spirit Studio, Ithaca NY – contact or (607) 564-7250

India Chronicles

Theresa’s 2013 Trip to study at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune, India
Jan 25th

Another great pranayama class with Geeta tonight. She really is a master of bringing out the profundity of simple things. For instance, tonight she was talking about the sitting posture and how you have to consciously draw the prana up through the body to create a stable sitting position for pranayama.

Toward the end of class she announced that our next pranayama would be done alternately with the right and left hands and I immediately panicked a bit. My left hand is a bit unpredictable, sometimes the knots in my muscles don’t even allow me to do simple hand gestures, nevertheless pranayama mudra. But, please tell Dr. Baer that I was able to do just fine tonight.

Geeta also taught Wednesday’s backbend class. She starts class and quickly reaches right into the places where we are dull. My ankles reached their limit in the first pose!

The asana class plan at the institute is roughly: First Week – Standing poses, Second Week – Forward Bends and Twists, Third Week – Backbends, Fourth Week – Pranayama. So backbend week is now over. I have a lot of creative backbend sequencing to share when I return. We embark on Pranayama week starting Monday. Only 3 more days of classes for our little group and then we’re off to Mumbai for our trip home.