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Spotlight on Practice Surya Namaskar

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Mira Mehta states “jumpings are exhilarating and enjoyable. They develop speed, alertness, and stamina…Surya Namaskar, where blood is diffused in the solar plexus … stimulates the abdominal organs and gives energy.” In Yoga the Iyengar Way see pages 145 to 148 for more information.

For guidence on how to do Surya Namaskar:

Pose of the Month – Surya Namaskar by Bobby Clennell

Practiced individually, these poses build strength. When linked together in this flowing sequence, they keep the mind of the student sharp, and improve coordination, especially when you jump fast. The legs will be agile and light – mercurial even. But they won’t be firm, as they are when they are pranasized by the element of earth in the standing poses.

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