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Virtual Recovery Yoga

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with Jacki Routhenstein

Recovery during the time of Covid 19 

Fridays 10:30 am

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Ongoing Class

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Guruji (Shri BKS Iyengar) would say that the gateway to health is a healthy 
circulatory system and healthy respiratory system but if one of these fails then the disease will come to the body.
This Year has brought a multitude of health stresses. The pandemic has affected everyone in a multitude of ways. Recovery Yoga Class is designed to help many of the symptoms of Covid 19. Each pose addresses one of more of the many long-standing symptoms the survivors are facing each day.
This class is for anyone post –Covid 19, or anyone that experiences similar symptoms, including:
*Brain Fog
*Difficulty Breathing
*Aches and Pains

Prop List:

2 chairs no arms

4-5 blankets (or towels)

2 – blocks

1 – 9′ quick release belt

1 – bolster 

You may buy them at Tools for Yoga and schedule a pick up at Studio Yoga