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Pelvic Awareness ~ Yoga and Experiential Anatomy

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with Patricia Videgain

Wednesdays 11 to 1 pm

Starting Oct 21 to Nov 25, 2020

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6 weeks for $300 ($245 for SY Members)

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This series is open to all genders and levels. Classes will be held in-person at Studio Yoga Madison, with social distancing and Face Mask required. The option of a Virtual Class will also be available to students that are not comfortable attending in-person classes.

Students who complete the series will receive a certificate that can be used for credit with Yoga Alliance.

This class series provides three types of information:
– Explanation of the functional and experiential anatomy of the pelvic region.
– Exercises for self-discovery, flexibility, strengthening and coordination of the pelvic region.
– Guidelines for practicing yoga asana with pelvic region alignment in mind, informing the organic body.

As awareness of the body increases, we want to understand and learn but don’t give themselves enough time to do it. This class series offers just that.

The goal of this 6-class series is to learn about and connect to the pelvic region. We will look into the bone and connective tissue structure, muscles, and organs that are housed in this space. A mix of lecture, discussion and asana practice, class will be centered on experiencing anatomical places and connections.

The pelvis provides stability to the spine and counterweight to the cranium. A healthy pelvic floor is pivotal for efficient breathing, organic health, and the actions of the spine and lower limbs.

This series is an opportunity to also study the organic and morphologic* structures that we carry inside, our sacred organs and systemic wisdom.   In addition to yoga props, we will use art materials (watercolor paint, scissors, paper and crayons) to understand the anatomical structure of the pelvic area. These art materials will be available in class, however you are welcome to bring your own.

A student who practices yoga postures may have a flexible body, but still have the tendency to hold the postures incorrectly, thus disturbing the organic body. When asanas and pranayamas are done with accuracy in both “doing the posture correctly” as well as “feeling the body” the mudras and bandhas can happen naturally.  Geeta Iyengar


“Studio Yoga has always been to focus on the whole body. Patricia’s “Women’s Class” takes that idea and makes that concept of whole-body health accessible for the participants across a spectrum of ages.” ~ Sandy D.

“Patricia’s Iyengar Yoga for Women’s Health is a series of classes/experiences that hold space for your body and heart. The class is constructed in such a way so that you are able to learn anatomy, reflect on it artistically, and experience it through practicing gentle yoga postures.” ~ Jennifer M.

“Patricia’s Women’s Health Series is a great complement to her Iyengar Yoga classes. My practice became much more well-informed after taking these classes.” ~ Sheila B.

*Morphology is the study of the forms of things. In biology, the branch that deals with the forms of living organisms, and with relationships between their structures.