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~Janel Hooper~

Studio Yoga Student since Nov 2010

  • What has been the most unexpected thing that new motherhood has brought you (or that baby has brought you)?
The most unexpected thing that this new baby has shown me is my hearts capacity to love.  The love I have for my family is truly limitless and unconditional.  I feel is growing stronger with the bonds I share with them and also as they begin to develop their own bonds. 
  • What is one of the most important things you feel you can impart to a new mom?
Trust your gut.  A lot of noise and information gets thrown at you but ultimately you know your child best.  You have been bonding with them your entire pregnancy so do not start doubting yourself now.
  • What is your favorite way to bond with your baby?
I love wearing my  baby in a wrap to keep him close to my heart.  He sleeps so peacefully when I’m holding him or wearing him in the wrap which brings such a sense of calm to me.  
  • How was your experience at Studio Yoga?
I had such an amazing experience at the prenatal yoga classes with both of my pregnancies.  I was able to continue with my yoga practice and it allowed me time to really connect to the baby growing inside of me. Yoga helped me to keep my blood pressure under control during my second pregnancy, which resulted in an uncomplicated delivery and fast recovery.  The teachers at Studio Yoga have taught me how to quiet my mind and really be present.  This skill alone has greatly impacted all facets of my life and I am truly  grateful.   

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