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Level I Sound Healing Course With Sandee Moreta

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May 4 – 5, 2019

12 hours – $499
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Level I –
* Himalayan Chakra Singing Bowl
* One and Two Bowl Therapy
Saturday 12pm -6 pm &
Sunday 9am -4 pm
Course Description:
Hands-on course in how to play Himalayan Singing Bowls for sound & vibrational healing
  • Introduction to the history and lineage of the sacred Singing Bowls and how they  are made
  • See different bowls available
  • Learn techniques for rubbing, striking and playing bowls
  • Learn the technique for Tingsha
  • One and Two Bowl Healing:
    • Learn how to effectively use one or two bowls without needing a whole set based on a bowl’s unique tone and positioning.
Bowls will be provided for use during the course. Bowls will also be available for purchase.

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