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Iyengar Yoga for Women’s Health with Patricia Videgain

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Connect to your Feminine Intuition

Sept 19 – Oct 17, 2019

Thursdays 3:30 – 5:00 pm

Drop In: $35 ($30 SYM Memb)

5 Classes: $160 ($135 SYM Memb)

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This 5-class series is an exploration of asana through the lens of anatomy. The goal is to learn about, and connect to, the pelvic area, the female organs and the rhythms of the female life cycle.

Two classes will focus on bone structure, two on muscles, and one on the organs.  The classes complement each other, but may be taken individually.

The pelvic area is where our center of gravity lives – the pelvis provides stability to the spine and counterweight to the cranium. In addition, the pelvis contains the space for the organs of reproduction and excretion. 

Our connection to the womb resides in the pelvis. This class is an opportunity to work with the organic and morphologic structures that we carry inside, our sacred organs and organic space.

In her book, “Yoga, a Gem for Women,” Geeta Iyengar teaches that a woman can practice yoga to support, understand and navigate the vicissitudes of a complex life. She is the first yogi to acknowledge a woman’s lifespan in terms of its cyclical nature and corresponding milestones — Menstruation, Pregnancy, Delivery and Menopause.   Geeta introduced yoga practices for these stages of a woman’s life, creating a body of work that is unique in its scope and breadth.

Each of us has native, embodied wisdom that knows what is true.  This wisdom reveals itself when the natural genius of our bodies is allow to show the way.  Embodied Anatomy, Developmental Movement and Iyengar Yoga Restorative and Therapeutic techniques can be vehicles to understand, connect to, and begin to reclaim and integrate, the territory of the pelvis, hips, lumbar, sacrum and coccyx. 

Patricia says, “This class is a tribute to Geeta Iyengar’s life-long work. With calm, patience and suspended time, I will do my best to guide each student in the art of practicing restorative and therapeutic sequences for this important area of empowerment and strength in the life of a woman. It is my hope that this series will be a celebration to the female divine within us. Every woman knows.”