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Sound Healing

Quantum physics tells us that everything is vibrating energy and, just as a musical instrument can fall out of tune, we also can fall out of tune. Sound therapy helps us to shift away from the vibrational frequencies of stress, anger, fear and negativity. The vibrations of the Himalayan Singing Bowls help to tune us at the cellular level, creating harmony that radiates through our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers. Benefits can include deep relaxation, stress reduction, lower blood pressure, improved concentration, increased creativity and heightened intuition.

Clients choose an intention and then relax on soft cushions surrounded by the bowls. The layout of the bowls is determined by the chakra-s (energy centers). The bowls are rung in a pattern specific to the needs of the client. Each client experiences relaxation and re-balancing from the vibrational energy of the bowls. Additional techniques such as warm water therapy, bowls placed directly on the body, and chanting may be incorporated into a session.

The seven primary bowls are made in a small village in Nepal. They are fashioned from a special seven-metal alloy (gold, silver, iron, mercury, tin, copper, and lead) in a tradition passed down through the ages. Additional instruments such as Tingsha and Hapidrum, as well as other types of bowls, are often included in a session.


You may have a private lesson or join our Monthly Tibetan singing Bowls concert on Sundays at 4 pm

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