Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Workshop with Diana Bellofatto

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Join us LIVE ! – Or VIRTUALLY    With Diana Bellofatto of Yoga & Ayurveda Living     WHEN:  Saturday, September 25th ~~ 3:00-5:30 pm  WHERE:  Stepping Forward Counseling Center 26 Main St., Chatham NJ  (parking lot in the rear of the building)   Cost:  $55 per person live or virtual  Registration deadline Sept 20 Register Now Diet & lifestyle play a major contributing role in wellness.    We all have our own unique constitutions. Therefore, recommendations for food and daily  routine can differ from person to person.    Ayurveda teaches us how to have good discernment & make choices that attract an abundance of  wellness into all facets of our lives.    *You will complete an Ayurvedic questionnaire to determine your constitution    *You will learn how to make kichari (an Ayurvedic dietary staple for optimal digestion &  healing)   *We will discuss the properties of spices and their importance in optimal nutrition value   *And, you will create your own personal spice mix to support your unique being      In addition, we will discuss:  ~ Explore the cause of allergies, remedies, and what Read More

Women’s Workshop: Breast Health and the Three Ages of Women

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with Bobby Clennell Dates: Oct 2 & 3, 2021 Join us Virtually or In-Person! Receive a 10% Discount if you Register by Sept 20 IN-PERSON- Registration deadline Sept 29 Register Now Recording of the workshop will be available for 10 days to all participants Virtual Workshop SY Member Non-Member Entire Workshop  (all 3 days)  $115  $120 Read More

Virtual Yoga for Back Care and Spinal Health

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With Patricia Videgain Wednesday at 11:00 – 12:15 am EST Ongoing class You may use your set of classes or membership This Class is offered in person and virtual In this class series we will work with yoga for Back Care to find support and relief for back pain. We will introduce the concepts of Read More

Understanding your Core in Yoga

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With Patricia Videgain   Thursdays at 3:30 pm – 4:45 pm EST pre-registration required   ongoing class You may use your set of classes or membership   Sucking your stomach in and tightening your abdominal muscles is not the way to develop a strong core. When you tense up your core muscles, you actually diminish your strength and hinder function by constricting your ribs, diaphragm, and the internal organs that lie under your abdominal muscles. To properly strengthen your core boils down to one goal: ensuring your skeletal system is stable enough to maintain its integrity as you do complex, involved movements…while your breathing stays consistent. Your body has to be synchronized and fluid. It’s not about sucking your belly in, which actually makes it harder to move and breathe. Your core involves your pelvic floor, your deep abdominal muscles, transverse abdominis, deep lower back muscles, and diaphragm. All together with the spine, these components create a container for your abdominals and organs, and that container likes to move and breathe, not be sucked in. The whole goal with strengthening your core is to create a dynamically stable spine that allows you to move safely and efficiently!