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Bobby Clennell and Studio Yoga Madison celebrate International Yoga Day

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Monday, June 21, 2021, at 6:00 pm – 8:00 PM EST 
$35 ($30 for SYM Members)
General Open level.
The recording of the class will be available to the students for 10 days.
Must register at least 1 hour before the workshop in order to get the zoom invitation.

Join us online for an asana and pranayama workshop in the company of many others around the world!

Celebrate International Yoga Day at Studio Yoga Madison with Senior Iyengar teacher Bobby Clennell. Free the chest, upper back and shoulders for peaceful emotions and a quiet mind.
We will practice supported backbends to energize the nervous system, boost circulation throughout the body and help us deal with low energy; inversions (with alternatives for those not inverting) to refresh the brain, and reclining poses to prepare us for some soothing and settling pranayama. 

Prop list:

At least one sticky mat (if you have two, even better!)

Yoga belt

Metal folding chair

Two yoga blocks

One bolster (two is even better)

Four yoga blankets

Although we are separated by the current global pandemic, remember — As Geeta Iyengar said: “We will eat together, we will be together, and we will carry on this knowledge without having any kind of jealousy, malice, or any kind of klesa (affliction) within us. With purity of the mind, we will carry on the knowledge with our teaching process. And that is how, even if we are living on this earth in different areas, we have to maintain that feeling that we are always together.” —Geeta Iyengar. Opening Remarks, Yoganusasanam, December 2014.