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Janet Kreha

Janet started her practice of yoga at Studio yoga in 2001. At that time she had been dealing with an arm and shoulder pain that was severely impacting her work as a computer programmer. To her surprise the pain went away after only a couple of weeks of yoga and has never returned. That convinced her of the healing power of yoga and of the importance of correct body alignment.   Since then she has been taking classes at Studio Yoga with various teachers whose knowledge and understanding of yoga has influenced her greatly and inspired her to deepen her study of yoga. After retiring from her job in the corporate world she entered the yoga teacher training program at Studio Yoga with Theresa Rowland. She has been assisting Theresa in the Back Care Clinic and assisting Sandee Moreta in her asana classes. She has broadened her experience of yoga by attending workshops with Arun, Lois Steinberg, Kofi Busia, and Gabriella Giubilaro.  
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