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Experiential Anatomy – Tissues, Cavities, Organs and Systems

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With Patricia Videgain

May 27: The Endocrine System and Glands

Sundays 2:00 to 4:30 pm
Entire Series $267 (SY Member $240)
Prorated for Multiple Classes: $50 (SY Member $45)
Single Class Drop-in: $55 (SY Member $50)
Pre-registration Required

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This new series introduces the anatomy of the organs and systems as an experiential subject.
Classes will cover the basic concepts and terms of traditional anatomy as well as how systems develop and connect with
one another. Students will learn how to feel and use this material to deepen awareness and embodiment of the body
systems. This in turn helps to support a personal yoga practice and deepen yoga teaching knowledge.

Note: Each topic is a stand-alone class that will include practical applications for putting it all together – Anatomy,
Yoga, Movement, and Experience.

Feb 4             1. The Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems (if you missed this class, we are offering a

Make up Class On March 8.

March 11      2. The Nervous System
March 25     3. The Respiratory System.
April 8         4. The Digestive System
May 20        5. The Endocrine System and Glands
May 27        6. The Urinary System & Reproductive System